Anti Vibration Feet Pads for washing machine

Anti Vibration Feet Pads for washing machine 

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Anti Vibration Feet Pads for washing machine

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Upgrade suction cup: washing machine vibration pad-laundry does not necessarily have noise. Use this set of 4 washing machine pads to keep your washing machine and dryer quiet.
Noise reduction: Noise reduction gasket-Washing machine anti-vibration mat is designed to reduce noise, vibration, pulsation and walking washing machine
Easy to use: easy to install-just slide the anti-vibration pad under each corner to get the maximum performance
Wide range of uses: compatible with shock-proof pads for washing machines and dryers of any size or style, and also suitable for other furniture foot pads
Saving money and practical: saving money pad: anti-vibration pad may help reduce the maintenance cost of excessive floor damage, and the floor is easy to clean after being raised.

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