Oil Dispenser 1000ml

Oil Dispenser 1000ml 

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Oil Dispenser 1000ml

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1000 ml Unbreakable food grade plastic Transparent Bottle Oil and Vinegar Dispenser - featuring a crystal clear enclosure, airtight bottle stoppers, and pouring spouts with lever-release snap lids.
Airtight and non-drip bottle stoppers - The oil and vinegar cruet features airtight bottle stoppers to keep content fresh, and pouring spouts with lever-release snap lids for controlled pouring.
Food Grade Quality - Made of BPA free plastic, which makes it absolutely safe for health. It is Odorless so no worries about imparting any odor to oil or spices inside
Controlled Pouring - A healthy choice as it gives you complete control over how much oil, vinegar dressing you want on your salad. Olive oil dispenser bottle pours without any mess and has an extra spout for long life

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