One Plus Data Cable

One Plus Data Cable 

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One Plus Data Cable

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Cool Charge: 20W Charge produces a larger electric current rather than increasing pressure, leading to stable and consistent charging speeds.
Portable, lightweight, and amazingly fast, The 20W Power Adapter is always there when you need it, but never for too long.
30W Charge: Type-C 20W Fast Charging Cable gives Fast Charge in 40 to 60 Minutes With 4-5 AMP adapter Charger.
Feel the superior 30W / 20W Charge experience on the go in your car. A reversible Type C connector helps insert the cable always the right way.
This fast charging cable is available in a shade of red. The charging cable features a Type C USB port and is suitable for similar Type C devices. The charging cable comes with a specification of 5 V and 4 A for 20W / 30W Fast charge.

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