Diamond shape bottle.Pack of 3

Diamond Shape Bottle
Diamond Shape Bottle

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Diamond Shape Bottle Pack of 3

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This water bottles made from Plastic material. They are sturdy, long lasting and durable. The bottles have been crafted from BPA free material and are tested to ensure that they are made from food grade material. This bottle is freezer safe and can be used as a fridge bottle too. You can keep an eye on your water intake as the bottle is translucent.

Safe storage: as the material used is PET, Grade 1 high-quality food grade plastic which is 100% BPA free

Ease of use: ensured by smoothly opening lid and neck diameter of which allows only appropriate quantity of water to come out

Spill-proof water storage: with snugly fitting lid

Fit for regular use: with each bottle made of thick material tested thoroughly for the purpose

Ideal for storing cold water or water at room temperature. Not meant for storing hot water

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