Magic Hair Wrap Microfibre

Magic Hair Wrap Microfibre
Magic Hair Wrap Microfibre Mini

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Magic Hair Wrap Microfibre mini

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About this item
The unique non-slip twist and loop system stays in places. The hair wrap is attractive function and so comfortable that using towels to wrap your hair becomes obsolete
This microfiber hair towel is the perfect bathroom accessory for any woman with any length of hair!
Absorbing microfiber hair drying cap Work without dripping water from wet hair and also gentle on hair and skin. Fits every head easily.
Hair Wrap is a different towel compared to the commonly used towel, can absorb more water than the usual towel. Advantage of this elegant towel hair wrap is; Its smaller size than a regular towel will not make your head feel heavy when you're wrapping hair.
Material: Manufactured from Microfiber Fabric.

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